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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Map of the pan-asian pipeline. One of 2 reasons we are in Afghanistan.

Source: US department of state.

Cheney's map

This is the map that cheney had on his desk when he had the "energy" conference during the first months of the Bush administration. long before 9/11 ever happened. this is how they were splitting up the loot earned by the blood of Americans.

The blue country you see there is Iran. It is one of the richest oil deposits in the world and our oil industry WANTS IT. It is the only reason you even know the word "Iran", but they'd have you believe Iranians are all terrorists so you will go kill them and they can have their oil

This is what imperialism looks like. We have a military presence in nearly every country in the world. Wonder what we'd say if some foreign country was installed on our continent? Would we welcome them or would we try to get rid of them. If we tried to rid our land of their presence, would we be called terrorists like those who try to get us out of their countries are?