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Friday, June 18, 2010

We Need To Start the Transition to Clean Energy NOW!

I (Tom Baldwin) have assembled an assortment of links to sites in the past week to be used to convince the population that we MUST transition to a Clean Energy Future. And the time to do that is NOW!
The first video clip is from Rachel Maddow last night (and she has others) to show that our problem is basically our dependence upon OIL! This must begin to change now and yes, it will cause pain. Even George Bush admitted we had an "addiction"!
The second video clip is from the Jon Stewart Daily Show and he shows how this problem has continued to exist with 8 Presidential administrations and at least 40 years!
President Obama and hopefully the Senate are about to address this problem. Stay involved and support those candidates for office who are willing to make a POSITIVE contribution to his efforts.