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Friday, April 2, 2010

I keep hearing stupid ass republicans and conservatives saying that the "nigger" and spitting incident at the capitol building didn't happen. That democrats made it up for the outrage-factor. They're so full of shit that they can't see through their dark brown eyes what is right in front of them.

This is Dale Robertson, a Tea Party activist who operates TeaParty.org

Now you tell me if this asshole isn't capable of screaming "nigger" at civil rights icons. Tell me if he's not capable of spitting in a black man's face. I've seen hundreds of signs almost as bad as this one at the teabagging events. But i chose this one because it just says it all.

And our government would like you to believe that chavez and morales are tyrants?

I am always trying to open lour people's eyes to American foreign policy. Our corporatist government demonizes leaders in countries that have popular, even beloved leaders like Venezuela's Hugo Chavez and Bolivia's Evo Morales. These two leaders put their own people ahead of the corporate demands from America and other developed nations. They won't play the game of borrowing money from us and then being beholden to the demands of our corporations in order to pay back the loans that were designed to entrap poor countries in the first place. (read, "confessions of an economic hit man" by john perkins).
On the other hand, our government and corporate media always tout the greatness of Columbia. Rave about it's president, Uribe. They make the uninformed masses in America believe that this is a great guy. Truth is we put this tyrant in power because he was a sell out to his own people in favor of our corporate wishes. Our corporations want a free trade agreement with Columbia because it is one of the best climates to grow palm oil in. They are paying paramilitaries run by Uribes family members to kill labor leaders, kill or run farmers off of their ancestral lands and steal that land to grow palm trees. All funded by Americans and ignored by our corporate cowed government. Here is a look at this wonderful "thriving" democracy where no dissent is allowed.


The biggest human rights scandal in years is developing in Colombia, though you wouldn’t notice it from the total lack of media coverage here. A mass grave – one of a number suspected by human rights groups in Colombia – was discovered by accident last year just outside a Colombian Army base in La Macarena, a rural municipality located in the Department of Meta just south of Bogota. The grave was discovered when children drank from a nearby stream and started to become seriously ill. These illnesses were traced to runoff from what was discovered to be a mass grave – a grave marked only with small flags showing the dates (between 2002 and 2009) on which the bodies were buried.

According to a February 10, 2010 letter issued by Alexandra Valencia Molina, Director of the regional office of Colombia’s own Procuraduria General de la Nacion – a government agency tasked to investigate government corruption – approximately 2,000 bodies are buried in this grave. The Colombian Army has admitted responsibility for the grave, claiming to have killed and buried alleged guerillas there. However, the bodies in the grave have yet to be identified. Instead, against all protocol for handling the remains of anyone killed by the military, especially the bodies of guerillas, the bodies contained in the mass grave were buried there secretly without the requisite process of having the Colombian government certify that the deceased were indeed the armed combatants the Army claims.

And, given the current “false positive” scandal which has enveloped the government of President Alvaro Uribe and his Defense Minister, Juan Manuel Santos, who is now running to succeed Uribe as President, the Colombian Army’s claim about the mass grave is especially suspect. This scandal revolves around the Colombian military, recently under the direction of Juan Manuel Santos, knowingly murdering civilians in cold blood and then dressing them up to look like armed guerillas in order to justify more aid from the United States. According to the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navi Pilay, this practice has been so “systematic and widespread” as to amount to a “crime against humanity.”

To date, not factoring in the mass grave, it has been confirmed by Colombian government sources that there have been 2,000 civilians falling victim to the “false positive” scheme since President Uribe took office in 2002. If, as suspected by Colombian human rights groups, such as the “Comision de Derechos Humanos del Bajo Ariari” and the “Colectivo Orlando Fals Borda,” the mass grave in La Macarena contains 2,000 more civilian victims of this scheme, then this would bring the total of those victimized by the “false positive” scandal to at least 4,000 --much worse than originally believed.

That this grave was discovered just outside a Colombian military base overseen by U.S. military advisers -- the U.S. having around 600 military advisers in that country -- is especially troubling, and raises serious questions about the U.S.’s own conduct in that country. In addition, this calls into even greater question the propriety of President Obama’s agreement with President Alvaro Uribe last summer pursuant to which the U.S. will have access to 7 military bases in that country.

The Colombian government and military are scrambling to contain this most recent scandal, and possibly through violence. Thus, on March 15, 2010, Jhonny Hurtado, a former union leader and President of the Human Rights Committee of La Cantina, and an individual who was key in revealing the truth about this mass grave, was assassinated as soldiers from Colombia’s 7th Mobile Brigade patrolled the area. Just prior to his murder, Jhonny Hurtado told a delegation of British MPs visiting Colombia that he believed the mass grave at La Macarena contained the bodies of innocent people who had been “disappeared.”

Daniel Kovalik: The Bodies of the Innocent

Monday, March 29, 2010

The Brain Washing of The Ignorant Masses

I'm afraid - that the right-wing Republican behavior is the result of cynical use of prejudice and political ignorance by political propagandists who know their audience and their purpose - to get naive voters to support right-wing political and financial power. They use behavioral psychology from the 1890s to pick out the pushbuttons of human motivation.

Money talks, loudest when that investment is the most profitable. Commercial media are professionals at bending public opinion to benefit their clients the advertisers, and their owners, and politicians who serve their purpose at public expense. They use prostitutes who create cultural ambiance for pay and we are exposed to nothing else.

We need to re-learn the wisdom of the 1930s but that's a rant that no one can hear over the attention-grabbing din of commercial media. They are fanning the flames of resentment, from their low-wage economy, and blaming the "Liberals", to build a culture of fear and violence that would welcome a Fascist (Corporatist) takeover in the name of democracy. The volunteer goon squads are already here, privately financed by a would-be Feudal aristocracy.

The Nazi takeover in Germany used expensive mass media, radio and motion pictures that were new at the time, supported by an industrial and financial aristocracy. Hitler was their tool but they did not know what they were getting. People in power all over the world supported them because they were putting down the "Red Menace".

Time will tell - I hope the real American Populist tradition will come to life before it's too late. And Russell King's Open Letter can help us to see what's happening.

Glen Sandberg

If you want to really know what we've become, watch this.