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Monday, March 29, 2010

The Brain Washing of The Ignorant Masses

I'm afraid - that the right-wing Republican behavior is the result of cynical use of prejudice and political ignorance by political propagandists who know their audience and their purpose - to get naive voters to support right-wing political and financial power. They use behavioral psychology from the 1890s to pick out the pushbuttons of human motivation.

Money talks, loudest when that investment is the most profitable. Commercial media are professionals at bending public opinion to benefit their clients the advertisers, and their owners, and politicians who serve their purpose at public expense. They use prostitutes who create cultural ambiance for pay and we are exposed to nothing else.

We need to re-learn the wisdom of the 1930s but that's a rant that no one can hear over the attention-grabbing din of commercial media. They are fanning the flames of resentment, from their low-wage economy, and blaming the "Liberals", to build a culture of fear and violence that would welcome a Fascist (Corporatist) takeover in the name of democracy. The volunteer goon squads are already here, privately financed by a would-be Feudal aristocracy.

The Nazi takeover in Germany used expensive mass media, radio and motion pictures that were new at the time, supported by an industrial and financial aristocracy. Hitler was their tool but they did not know what they were getting. People in power all over the world supported them because they were putting down the "Red Menace".

Time will tell - I hope the real American Populist tradition will come to life before it's too late. And Russell King's Open Letter can help us to see what's happening.

Glen Sandberg

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