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Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Value of a Lie

Republicans need to lie in order for their supporters to support them and democrats need to tell the truth in order for their supporters to support them.
Democratic supporters get angry when they get lied to but republican supporters dang near go crazy if they actually have to face the truth.
Obama is not a kenyan.
Obama inherited bush's recession.
Obama inherited bush's bail outs.
Obama inherited iraq.
Obama inherited afghanistan.
Obama inherited a national debt of $11 trillion and has had to raise it to $12 trillion to dig us out of the absolute depression we would be in right now if it weren't for that stimulus package.
But the lies are the only thing conservatives will believe.
This economy is obama's fault.
Obama owns the banks and is a socialist for it.
Obama owns the auto industry and is a socialist for it.
Iraq and afghanistan are obama's wars.
He's a commie
He's a fascist
He's a socialist
Any lie.. Just make sure you lie to them or they'll never believe you.

Fox news is Fake News

Some people who are sneaking god into the government one word at a time, like to think they are so subtle. Who? Me? They pretend. Their actions are like a sledge hammer on my head and to our Constitution. No Christian will ever know what a terrible mistake this melding of church and state is until they live in a theocracy that is not majority Christian.. or just visit one. Atheists already know what it feels like. They are starting to feel like the outsiders in their own country because they don't subscribe to the "Americas forefathers created this country in the name of god".."under god", "In god we trust", "Our forefathers were all Christians",, "This is a Christian country founded on Christian principles." , "Why can't we have an official prayer in school classrooms?", "What's wrong with leading a prayer in a public arena like a sports game?" These people can't pretend subtlety while being so brazen about their motives. We'd all have to be blind or stupid not to see where this is going. Some Christians can stand by and claim that there is nothing to fear.. but they also know what the ultimate goal is and I hope, for their own sakes and for ours, that it NEVER comes to fruition.
They seem to think that a Christian nation would not fight within it's shared religion. To those i say, "Ireland".

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Government requests directed to Google and YouTube

The American government asks for private internet habits of 3580 users in a 6 month period. The only country to surpass our governments prying is Brazil. Russia on the other hand has none.

The Golden Age of Libertarianism

An article by Jacob Hornberger anoints 1880 as the peak of America’s Libertarian golden age.

Let’s consider, say, the year 1880. Here was a society in which people were free to keep everything they earned, because there was no income tax. They were also free to decide what to do with their own money—spend it, save it, invest it, donate it, or whatever. People were generally free to engage in occupations and professions without a license or permit. There were few federal economic regulations and regulatory agencies. No Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, welfare, bailouts, or so-called stimulus plans. No IRS. No Departments of Education, Energy, Agriculture, Commerce, and Labor. No EPA and OSHA. No Federal Reserve. No drug laws. Few systems of public schooling. No immigration controls. No federal minimum-wage laws or price controls. A monetary system based on gold and silver coins rather than paper money. No slavery. No CIA. No FBI. No torture or cruel or unusual punishments. No renditions. No overseas military empire. No military-industrial complex.

As a libertarian, as far as I’m concerned, that’s a society that is pretty darned golden.

But wait! The rebuttal is even better!

"Ah, the 1880s. I can hear people getting wistful from here.

A golden age in which people kept all that they earned. Of course, what they earned in the absence of those debilitating minimum wage laws could be nothing more than worthless tokens from the company store. What they earned from twelve hours of work seven days a week could be actually be a bigger debt to the company that sent you into a mine or factory and made you pay for the wear on your tools, the water you drank, the fuel for your lamp, even the blasting powder you used.

Still, a lifetime of debt wasn’t so bad in a golden age without OSHA and its safety laws, since lifetimes could be quite brief. Mining accidents didn’t kill a piddling 29 men, they killed thousands every year. Over 3 miners out of every 1,000 died on the job each year (twice the rate of Great Britain with it’s freedom-robbing concern for safety). But miners were pikers compared to folks on the railroad. Trainmen fell at a rate that made each year of work roughly equal to the risk of being among the troops on D-Day. Now that’s freedom you can feel (well, briefly). It was an age where any construction project worth its salt could measure progress by body count and factory workers were privileged to know that they really were valued far less than the machines they tended. And death wasn’t all that this golden age had to offer! It was an age when American workers could look forward to the liberation of being disabled for life, and know that they wouldn’t be burdened by the crushing burden of worker’s compensation or government aid."

There is much more:

Monday, April 19, 2010

I think Texas should secede and take all the tea baggers with it. We could have a third world Klingon state as a neighbor. I think a 20 foot wall surrounding Texas would be a good start. Something along the lines of Israel's "security" walls around the open prison we still call "Palestine".

Calls to abuse hot lines and shelters are up in Texas

FORT WORTH -- Calls to SafeHaven of Tarrant County, where people seek refuge from dangerous relationships, increased 117 percent from 2007 to 2009.

But it's not just the number of calls that concern SafeHaven workers.

"We've had some instances of the abuser finding out that his victim is seeking our services and passed on veiled threats to our staff," President Mary Lee Hafley said.

The viciousness of some abusers' threats and their willingness to attack those trying to help abused women and families keep Hafley up at night, she said.