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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Fox news is Fake News

Some people who are sneaking god into the government one word at a time, like to think they are so subtle. Who? Me? They pretend. Their actions are like a sledge hammer on my head and to our Constitution. No Christian will ever know what a terrible mistake this melding of church and state is until they live in a theocracy that is not majority Christian.. or just visit one. Atheists already know what it feels like. They are starting to feel like the outsiders in their own country because they don't subscribe to the "Americas forefathers created this country in the name of god".."under god", "In god we trust", "Our forefathers were all Christians",, "This is a Christian country founded on Christian principles." , "Why can't we have an official prayer in school classrooms?", "What's wrong with leading a prayer in a public arena like a sports game?" These people can't pretend subtlety while being so brazen about their motives. We'd all have to be blind or stupid not to see where this is going. Some Christians can stand by and claim that there is nothing to fear.. but they also know what the ultimate goal is and I hope, for their own sakes and for ours, that it NEVER comes to fruition.
They seem to think that a Christian nation would not fight within it's shared religion. To those i say, "Ireland".

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