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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Social Justice and the Wage Gap

Independent Senator Bernie Sanders, in a speech on March of 2007, quoted a Congressional Budget Office Report which stated that, “the wealthiest one percent own more wealth than the bottom 90 percent” of workers in the U.S. That means that those who actually produce the wealth, the bottom 90% are getting a pittance compared to those who sit at the top and collect off of the laborers production. They hire lobbyists who write beneficial laws for them and then take huge wads of cash to Washington to buy influence from those elected officials who should be representing all of us but who really only represent the wealthiest among us. Those top 1% couldn’t survive without the working classes to serve them. The workers in this country know how to make water run through our pipes. They know how to build houses and cars. They know how to make this world run. They’re the one’s who’ve always done it so why do the top 1% get all of the rewards while the bottom rungs, who actually create the wealth, can’t even pay their medical, mortgage, food or heating and cooling bills? I’ll tell you why. The rich get what they want because they are very active in our government while the masses are not. The rich get what they pay for and we get NAFTA, CAFTA and GAT (free trade agreements that have broken the American manufacturing industry and it’s workers). We get loan shark level interest rates. We get to bail out corporate mistakes but lose our own homes in the bargain because we are passive bystanders. We must not ignore the actions of our government. Get active! Call your representatives and tell them what you want. 1-800-828-0498. The rich do, so should you.

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