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Friday, July 18, 2008

Daily Kos: Open Thread for Night Owls & Early Birds

I read yesterday that there are protests about naming a useful plant after someone who is so useless.  haha!

The trustees of Southern Methodist University have been given the the go-ahead to lease campus land for the George W. Bush Presidential Library, where thousands of copies of The Pet Goat and transcripts from warrantless wiretaps will be housed.

IIf a majority of San Francisco voters give an "aye" in November to a
ballot measure certified Thursday, however, a rather different kind of
public building will be named after the current occupant of the White
House. It's now called the Oceanside Water Pollution Control Plant. If
voters approve, it will become the George W. Bush Sewage Plant.

Backers of the measure,
who for several months circulated a petition to place [it] on the
ballot, turned in more than 12,000 signatures on July 7, said organizer
Brian McConnell. The Department of Elections today informed those
supporters, the self-proclaimed Presidential Memorial Commission,
that they had enough valid signatures - a minimum of 7,168 registered
San Francisco voters - to qualify for the November ballot, he said.

McConnell, who came up with the idea over beers with friends, often

donned an Uncle Sam outfit to drum up support for the petition. Other
signature gatherers - all volunteers - often carried around an American
flag and blasted patriotic music from a boom box to attract attention.
He said today that the campaign to pass the measure will be an equally
grassroots effort.

San Francisco Republicans say the plan stinks and they plan to oppose it, according to the Associated Press.
McConnell says the name-change makes perfect sense to memorialize an
administration that has dragged our nation (and a few others) through
the muck on a daily basis, leaving behind a mess that will take a
decade or two to clean up.  
How disrespectful. How juvenile. How delightful.

But surely Richard Bruce Cheney should also be honored with his own
appropriately labeled memorial. Whenever the brown has flowed during
the past seven-and-a-half years, the gray eminence of this
administration has been in it up to his eyebrows.

Daily Kos: Open Thread for Night Owls & Early Birds

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