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Thursday, October 15, 2009


First of all, I would like to say that I make no claim of any formal
education beyond high school in the poorest district in the state of
Texas. There was not much motivation to keep me in the classroom.
However, having said this, I feel that knowledge can be obtained in
many other ways, sometimes within our own thoughts and inner wisdoms. I
also feel that education -- in this country -- in many cases, is wanted
purely for monetary purposes and gains and thus, breeds arrogance;
instead of a higher purpose, that can enriching our lives and those of
others. So, I wrote this with good intentions, that it may shed light
on the darkest corners of the people who truly love this nation and
truth, as oppose to corruption and corporate greed. Thank you. --

Subject: The Core Cause Of A Lost Democracy

Corporate Lobbying And “Campaign Contributions”

The real election scandal and what has become of “democracy” by way of
lobbying. Lobbying in America has become the apparent cause of a false
democracy and an ownership of the vast majority of
lawmakers/politicians and our government. This in fact, is the very
core that has destroyed our nation and the beliefs put forth by the
founding fathers of this great nation.

The corporate criminals repeatedly found guilty of felony fraud, and
various other charges, continue to earn hundreds of billions of
tax-payer dollars through th
e years. Although, they pay out billions in
fines for crimes, this is merely the cost of doing business as usual in
America today and for many years past. This is in no way an accident.
This is a systemic fraud that has become part of the American business
model. The war industry, pharmaceutical companies, health insurance
industry and others are in control of our country through these
sellouts who in the best interest of the government embedded
corporations, mislead the American people daily.

The funneling of contract money back into the campaign war chest of the
typical politician -- republicans and democrats alike -- in return for
the guarantee of war and extreme protectionism of criminal defense
contractors; behind-closed-door lawbreaking agreements, extreme
protectionism and subsidies for the felon pharmaceutical companies,
corrupt health insurance industry, Monsanto and others who are also
found guilty of countless crimes and criminal acts against the American
people, (in our courts of law) has become business as usual in the
U.S.A. Corporate "campaign contributions" come at a very steep price to
the average American. Everything we once knew to have been, is no more.
All that is left is the propaganda of a fake democracy; the illusion of
freedoms and other liberties; the dept we are left with and must pay,
only for them to continue on their current path of greed and
destruction, all in our name and with our tax dol

The media is an intricate -- and likely the most vital -- part of a
Democracy. Without freedom of the press and accountability within
journalism itself, of which the corporate media currently has a strong
choke-hold on, the truth is hidden from the common American in an array
of daily distractions, misleading headlines and outright lies. For
years the corporate media has become a storyteller, a liar, to create
fear, to distract us from who and what truly controls our so called
democracy and thus, our lives. The widespread systemic fraud along with
the lies of the media go virtually unnoticed, while our Democracy, and
we, become the sacrificial lamb.

What will it take for us to organize, come together as one, to defend
our nation and constitution against the greatest invasion -- foreign or
domestic -- our America has ever seen?


Felix L. Cruz

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