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Friday, January 22, 2010

Demand a constitutional amendment

After today's disastrous ruling by the supreme court that corporations can spend unlimited amounts of money to influence elections, we are now, officially a fascist state. the definition of fascism is the combining of corporations, governments and the military. once the corporations own the government our military becomes there beck and call billy club around the world for their profits. not only that but with this kind of influence they will only allow those who will agree to transfer the greatest amounts of our collective tax wealth to them. through wars, contracts, subsidies, etc. they will have it all and social safety nets will be cut back to feed this horrible beast. we need a constitutional amendment and we need for everyone in this country to sign onto the idea. so when you get this email, if you will copy and paste it into a new mail each time so it doesn't end up as one of those indented messes after 10 reincarnations, that would be great. People for the American Way are starting an action page to get the word out and to take action against this anti-democratic, republican-justice-only supported abortion that has been inflicted upon us. i really hope you sign on and pass this on to EVERYONE. it is the most important email i have ever sent. yes, even more important than the contamination of our food sources with gm and chemicals because now that company will own Washington. it is the end of America and democracy if we allow this decision to stand. the people have NO POWER WHATSOEVER now. we may as well be piss ants for the corporations to burn under their magnifying glasses as they laugh all the way to the bank with our tax dollars. they've gotten a lions share of them for many years not but you ain't seen nothing yet. if we don't change this, it is the beginning of the end.. pigs at the trough.


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