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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Take Action

For the first time that I can remember in my life we have a president that wants to make sure that BOTH the Palestinians and the Israelis have secure states of their own to live in. In the past we've seen president after president turn their heads away while Israel committed crimes against humanity on the palestinians. stealing their land, crushing their homes and killing anyone who stood (literally, as in the case of Rachel Corrie, an American student who was crushed by an Israeli bull dozer while she was trying to protect a Palestinian home from destruction.) in their way. The palestinians have a right to their land but nobody is standing up for them. They fight back with dumb bombs and get their neighborhoods blasted with white phosphorous and millions of tons of bombs dropped on the heads of innocents. They are truly Sampson trying to hold off goliath.
Israel, right now, is building more Zionist settlements in east Jerusalem. the part of jerusalem that the palestinians have a claim to based on their (al aquasa?) mosque where they believe Mohammed returned to earth from heaven. It is slated to be the capital of their state if they EVER get one.
But Israel is destroying Palestinian homes and putting in new settlements for 1600 more families in this holiest of holy places for Muslims. This is just one case, they do it year after year. Crushing more homes and building more Jewish settlements. Their plan is to settle ALL of Palestine and crush the life out of the Palestinians and wipe the word "Palestine" off of the map, LITERALLY. If they get their way, (because the bible tells us this) when they are done there will be no Palestine. Everything between eastern Egypt to Jordan and Saudi Arabia to the northern tip of Lebanon will be Israel and to hell with all of those who live on those lands right now. i mean, Jews wrote a book 3 thousand years ago saying that that land is theirs and who's to argue with what the Jews wrote about themselves? I mean, I wrote that this town belongs to me 5 years ago and I won't stop till everyone is out of it so that I have it all. get my drift?
anyway, we have a chance for real peace by telling Israel to stop stealing Palestinian land and by creating two states. they've shown that they cannot live together in any kind of harmony so two states is what they both say they want and it is what they should get. Now, a minority jewish zionist group in America is raising it's voice to call Obama anti jewish. Imagine that. Telling Jews that they have to stop stealing palestinian land and building on it is being anti Jew. But there is an alternative. J street. A peaceful jewish organization that is working toward peace in the middle east. Lasting peace through solid borders that cannot be violated by either side once they are set. They will be borders recognized by the whole world. Israel won't be able to continue it's theft of Palestinian land because the borders will be fixed. The theft has to stop. The Israel of today is DEFINITELY not the Israel of the bible.
So today I hope you join this peace loving Jewish group and help us bring real and lasting peace to the middle east. Give them money, signatures, make phone calls, write letters, whatever you can do to stop the carnage and theft.
What would be our excuse for war if the Israel/Palestine issue were solved. Our government would have to admit that our wars are for oil. Please sign on for peace and justice.

It's getting hot out there.

Full-page ads in national newspapers spreading falsehoods about the President's balanced efforts.

The equivalent of the Tea Party Movement - on Israel and the Middle East - spreading rumor emails that falsely call the President anti-Israel, and worse.

Some members of Congress turning Israel into a political football in the hopes of sinking the President's Middle East peace efforts.

Congress is already a key political battleground on Israel and the Middle East. Far too often, the pro-Israel, pro-peace perspective gets drowned out by a well-organized, well-funded, vocal minority. Not this time.

A letter circulating right now for signatories on Capitol Hill, led by Reps. Ron Kind (WI-3), Bill Delahunt (MA-10), David Price (NC-4), and Vic Snyder (AR-2), supports the President in his efforts to achieve a two-state solution because it is in the vital national security interests of both the United States and Israel.

Click here to email your member of Congress, asking them to sign on to this letter.

This Congressional letter, circulating now for signatures, gives members of Congress an opportunity to endorse what General David Petraeus, Commander of United States Central Command, and Defense Minister Ehud Barak have said about the importance of resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to both American and Israeli national security interests.

The letter reads, in part:

"Distinguished leaders with decades of military service in both the United States and Israel have concluded that the continued lack of resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict threatens the security interests of both countries..."

"As legislators tasked with safeguarding America's security - and as friends of Israel committed to our ally's survival and prosperity - we share the views of these decorated military leaders and urge you to continue your strong efforts to bring U.S. leadership to bear in moving the parties toward a negotiated two-state solution. A just and sustainable end to this conflict will not only secure Israel's future as a democratic, Jewish homeland - it will also enhance our ability to confront the threats posed by Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas, and other actors in the Middle East, and advance critical U.S. security interests in the region more broadly."

If the last month of sustained political attacks from the status quo on President Obama over his balanced approach to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is any indication, we have the fight of our lives on our hands.

Achieving a two-state solution is going to require that this movement encourage our members of Congress to stand up strong to an unsustainable and dangerous status quo.

Click here to write your member of Congress right now.

Thanks - and we'll be in touch very soon.

- Isaac

Isaac Luria
Director of Communications and New Media
J Street
April 29, 2010

P.S. Click here to read the full text of the letter.


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