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Friday, May 14, 2010

Republican Tyranny

Unlawful phone bugging? Go ahead!
Illegal searches and seizures? What the heck? It ain't me! (this time)
Sneak and Peek? Why not!
Taking the right to hear evidence against you and to have a speedy trial? Who makes these things up anyway? Who needs it?
Torture if one is accused of being a terrorists, even if one is not and is proven to not be. Go ahead! Kill all of them and let god sort them out.
This is tyranny and these right-wing fools will let them take our liberty one giant leap at a time until we have NO FREEDOMS at all. If the government that they want to babysit us but which they hate so much they'd like to drown it in a bathtub, asked these idiots to put two way monitors in every room in their house so they can make sure that no terrorists are plotting against us, or no mexicans are living with us, they'd say.. "How big would you like those screens massa?!" Fools and their liberties soon go separate ways.
These right wing idiots call Obama a tyrant when it is they who are the tyrants.

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