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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Republicans are lying about the stimulus and unemployment. Things are getting better.

(if these pictures are too small to see, go to the links i've provided for them.)

Republicans keep saying that the stimulus didn't work and that obama promised that if we passed the stimulus the unemployment rate shouldn't go over 8%.. They also keep saying that the stimulus has had no effect. So let's look at the unemployment rate from 2008 until now.

Obama signed the stimulus bill on Feb. 17th 2009. Note the climbing line in the chart showing the unemployment rate going ever and ever higher month after terrible month from Jun. 08 until Sep. 09. In Sept. 09, the stimulus money began to be meted out among the various states and from that moment on, the unemployment rate started falling and never reached that height again. The right wing media kept screeching that OBAMA PROMISED THAT THE RATE WOULDN'T GO OVER 8% IF HE GOT HIS STIMULUS, but you can see that it was heading straight up unless something were done. In the media they keep saying it's hard to convince voters that unemployment would have been worse without the stimulus. Just show them this and get a chalk board like beck does to spell it out for the slow kids in the class.
Today the unemployment rate is 9.5% and as you can see that's the lowest it's been since about june of 09. Blaming Obama for the high unemployment rate is like blaming Obama for the deficit we find ourselves in. Bush's last fiscal year was between october 08 and sept. 09. that's when the greatest amount of money that's been spent since Obama became president, was spent. After next year, the cbo expects to see the size of the deficit start to shrink. It it projected go from nearly $2 trillion in Bush's last fiscal year to about $535 billion in 2014. No matter how you spell that it says, reduced deficit and republicans are crapping their pants about it. They are throwing every road block they can in this president's way to stop him from succeeding after their 8 disgraceful years of looting our revenue without paying it back. Hypocrites.
Here on pages 26 and 27 you can see how Bush started with a surplus and how it started turning into a deficit after 1 year of drunken spending and tax cuts for the rich and continued until Obama took office.

These charts give you the projections until 2014. and as you can see, if the deficit keeps getting smaller at the same rate it is in these charts, there would be another surplus withing another couple of years. Just our luck the retards who cheer for the drunken sailor republicans will win the 2016 election and throw us back into deficit spending again. They're so stupid, they never learn. Only the rich benefit from republican rule, and they know it. Too bad the teabagging retards don't.

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