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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

More Proof That Faux News Lies. As if you needed it.

Proof that faux talking heads are liars and are working intentionally to put fear into their viewers heads in an election year.
last year laura ingraham, a faux sweet heart:
"INGRAHAM: I can’t find many people who really have a problem with it. [Mayor] Bloomberg is for it. Rabbis are saying they don’t have a problem wi...th it. [...] I like what you’re trying to do and Ms. Khan we appreciate it and come on my radio show some time.
KHAN: Yeah, we need the support of people like you seriously.
INGRAHAM: Alright, you take care."
laura ingraham now:
"Well, I say the terrorists have won with how this has
gone down. 600 feet from where thousands of our fellow Americans were
incinerated in the name of political Islam, and we’re supposed to be cheering this?!"
video of her on both occasions:
you are being manipulated for a reason. red meat election year sensationalism. i'll post again tomorrow if this disappears so you all can get a good look at it.

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