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Friday, September 17, 2010

A Conversation With a Friend

Conversation started when he thought that Obama was going to let tax cuts expire on everyone. That's what the article he sent me said. But I took him into the realm of the media and it's manipulation of reality.

I have came to the point where I don’t care what they do with this problem as I sick and tired of each side blaming the other about what going to happen. If the country goes down the tube so be it and if it start to come back so be it. I'm to the point where I don’t care anymore one way or the other, but i will still let them know what I think.


John, read that article again. it's talking about if congress does nothing, taxes will rise on everyone. but obama is fighting to keep tax cuts for everyone making under $200,000 and $250,000 (single or family) and increasing taxes by 2 or 3% on those making over that amount. just letting the bush tax cuts expire on that group, back up to what it was during the clinton era. i don't think you're in that group! i know i'm not! and if i were, i'd only be paying that extra couple of percentage points on that amount OVER $200,000.. i'd still get the tax cuts that everyone else is getting up to that amount.

so never give up honey. just know the facts so you know what you're fighting for. sincere people have to stand up for what they believe in. and you got heart. knowing what is actually going on rather than what we are being told is going on is the trick. they(the powers that be that profit off of manipulating us.) own the media. i don't believe anything they say unless it can be cross-referenced with a lot of independent sources.

did you notice that the story about israel bombing palestine that you posted yesterday has been silenced? nobody claimed responsibility for the rockets launched into an empty field in israel. i can't prove it and i am not sure yet, my opinion, knowing what monsters they are in israel, is that they did it themselves so that they wouldn't be stopped from stealing more land and building more settlements all because of some bothersome peace deal. they don't want peace EVAHHH. but that's how our media is manipulating us. they can tell us anything and we just uncritically believe it.

remember when osama bin ladin was criminal number one for 9/11 by the fbi? if you go to their site, it doesn't he's wanted for 9/11 at all. he isn't. and when asked what he was wanted for, cheney said that he had no evidence that bin ladin had anything to do with 9/11. but that's not what he was selling before the wars. you know that as well as i do.

When the FBI was asked why 9/11 isn't listed under Bin Laden's crimes, the FBI responded by saying "There's simply no evidence linking Bin Laden to 9/11".

"9/11 is not mentioned on Osama bin Laden's Most Wanted page. He has not been formally indicted and charged in connection with 9/11 because the FBI has no hard evidence connected Bin Laden to 9/11." -- FBI agent Rex Tomb, June 6, 2006."

cheney saying that he and the bush administration never made the case that osama bin ladin was responsible for 9/11.


why am i telling you this? because i know you still believe it and i know this whole hysteria against muslims (who have been in this country since the 1500's due to slavery) is all a media-manufactured lie to control the population. republicans need fear to get people to vote for them. they're experts at wielding that sword too. it's all a media-manufactured lie. i knew this stuff before the iraq war started because i looked at every UN release, every independent piece of news out there. i knew they were lying. and yet, when i told any right winger, they'd call me a traitor and an america hater. i say the person who allows themselves to be lied to at the tune of thousands of our dead and millions of muslim dead is the traitor. not caring enough to even investigate what liberals were telling them. not caring if it were true or not. they were trained to hate muslims and they went along with it all. so why are we in iraq and afghanistan again? (i'm pretty sure i told you about the pipeline the oil industry wants to run through afghanistan) the government even showed a video of a guy who looked like osama bin ladin admitting to planning the attacks and being so delighted when the planes caused more damage than he thought they would. the video was shown to be a fake. a look alike. it was all over the main stream media. a corporate owned conglomeration that tells you what to think, and feel and after they've done that, they tell you what to do.. duct tape those windows! duck and cover! red alert! kiss your ass goodbye! they're coming after you! talk about never letting a tragedy go to waste. bush and cheney are war criminals.

bin laden on the fbi's most wanted list. no mention of 9/11.

people who don't know things should learn what a person who does know things sounds like so they can listen to them. like this global warming. it is a certainty. my husband is an oceanographer (a branch of climatology), most of the people we associate with are scientist. they are not bought by any wind mill or solar company to write up bogus science. they just find something that needs to be explained and then use physics to explain it. if 2 or 3 other phd. level scientists agree that the scientific method used is sound, it passes for a reality-based theory. there is a scientific consensus. over 98% of scientists agree that global warming is a reality. over 90% believe it is exacerbated by human actions.

never give up john. just know who to trust. the last people you want to trust are in the corporate media unless you can back up what they say with independent media. i can give you many sources of independent media if you are interested in cutting through the lies. i hate to hear you saying you give up. don't do it. just know what you are fighting for!

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