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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Someone asked the difference between the Republican and Democratic party. This was my response.

historically democrats have been the party of the working class and republicans the party of the investor and corporate class. nowadays though, working class americans are brain washed into thinking that the republican party is their party because they speak out about things that don't affect those working masses but which those masses hate, like gays and abortion. doesn't affect them personally at all but it's red meat to feed them to make them vote against their own best financial interest. and even when they were in power, 6 years with both houses of congress and the presidency and the right wing supreme court, they did nothing about those social issues that the duped working masses who voted for them, voted for them for.
democrats were the party fo the working masses and most still are, but there are what are called "blue dogs" who vote for everything corporate against their own party. i wish they'd just switch parties and go to where they belong and give the working masses back their party. the democratic party is the party that brought us social security, medicare, medicaid, food stamps, a 40 hour work week, a minimum wage, unemployment benefits, job safety requirements because so many laborers were being unnecessarily harmed on the job. harmed or losing their jobs. they brought us workman's compensation in case a worker is injured on the job, the job pays for his or her recovery. republicans HATE all of those programs and are trying to disassemble them one at a time or each one a little at a time. republicans think that if we deserve any of those programs, a private entity should be making a profit off of our tax dollars before we get them. they call it "private" but they are paid with tax dollars. the only difference being that they make a profit and keep it, public services do make a profit (held in treasury bonds usually) and are reinvest it into serving the public.

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