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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Why do we pay for Israel's bidding? Pay the costs both human and financial?

Escobar Brilliantly Summarizes Obama’s New Middle East Policy

Pepe Escobar had another brilliant piece on Obama’s recent Middle East speech, and as always he is on the money:

So to make a story short, here’s a concise New Middle East Obama policy. We support “our” bastards (dictators) who are sophisticated enough to beat, arrest and kill their own people in the low hundreds (Bahrain). We get slightly annoyed by “our” war on terror collaborators who crudely beat, arrest and kill their own people also in the low hundreds (Yemen). We’re strongly inclined to ditch our support for unreliable, Iran-aligned dictators who beat, arrest and kill their own people in the high hundreds (Syria).

We unleash war – via the North Atlantic Treaty Organization as a weaponized arm of the United Nations – over unreliable oil-wealthy dictators who beat, arrest and kill their own people in alleged thousands (Libya). And we remain absolute mute about “our” monarchical bastards who pre-empt the possibility of democratic protests (Jordan, Morocco, Saudi Arabia) or invade their neighbors to smash ongoing peaceful protests (Saudi Arabia).


And this on Obama’s flowery rhetoric which failed big time to conceal what that speech was all about:

And when Obama stressed that “endless delay” won’t “make the problem go away” he totally missed the point; it’s by employing “endless delay” tactics that every Israeli government has kept settlement-building on overdrive and totally encircled East Jerusalem, while relentlessly applying a “divide and rule” strategy (pitting Fatah against Hamas) to crush Palestinian morale.

No flowery rhetoric can conceal that this is all about – what else – “protecting” Israel (mentioned 28 times in the speech). Further factual confirmation this weekend, when Obama addresses the annual American Israel Public Affairs Committee bash, and next Monday, when Netanyahu addresses that Tel Aviv talk shop known as the US Congress.
let your voices on this matter be heard.  Do we take care of ourselves and, in the process, forge a strong and lasting peace in the middle east or do we continue with Israel's plan of wiping palestine off of the face of the map, literally, not figuratively in order to steal their land once and for all? Israel has our government doing it's bidding by being a powerful lobbying committee in washington.  They lobby to get our tax dollars transferred to israel and then reinvest those dollars into our military industrial complex.  a sort of incestuous relationship that keeps the rich and powerful, rich and powerful.  it's a cycle that will never end until we bring light onto it's existence.  we give them our tax dollars, they lobby to take more of our tax dollars which crush palestinians which just serves to continue the cycle and not make any one of us, palestinians, americans or jews, any safer, but only to make israel more powerful.  only we can stop this but only if we know what's happening.  i know that sometimes these issues seem to be far apart but they are not.  transfer of wealth and power is at the basis of all that our governments do.  once they know we are through with them using american workers as their private atm's, we can stop them.  but how do they know that we know if we don't tell them?  we have to knock their hair back with the knowdge that we know what they're doing.  they need to fear us.
does all my writing help you to know what is going on?  if not, tell me what to say to make you understand!  we're allowing them to rape and pillage us in the name of raping and pillaging palestine in the name of raping and pillaging us.  kind of an international money laundering scheme.  in the name of a trumped up security scheme that protects NOBODY. and has costs us trillions over the years to sustain on the backs of innocent people all over the world.   most horrendously, against one set of people who had everything they owned by them taken from them 70 years ago by the swipe of a pen with no recourse for them.  palestinians.

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