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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Bush's bad ideas shot down again.

In 2003 Bush introduced his "clear skies act" which would increase the amount of pollution that power plants and industry could release into the air, sometimes by millions of tone more than the "clean air act" of 1963. His bill requested that polluters (his contributor base) volunteer to cut emissions but didn't have any means with with to make them comply. It called for more rapid deforestation of our forests as well. in other words, it was bush's usual "opposite world" where he names something for the exact opposite of what it does. like the "patriot act" which one would assume would make you a patriot if you wanted to give up your right to a speedy trial and to hear the evidence against you. it would make you a patriot if you agreed that spying on americnas without a warrant is just fine. or you'd be a patriot if you thought that "sneak and peak" (entering your home and searching without you ever finding out)was constitutional and no infringement on your right to privacy. These are all in the patriot act. and good "patriotic" idiots all over america waved the flag in support of this fascist legislation without even knowing what was in it. thinking, oh it's can't happen to me. yet news paper reporters all over america have been spied on and the CIA has "apologized". gee thanks. anti-war protesters have also been targeted like common criminals. The quakers were infiltrated by a government spy! it's unbelievable! This fascist administration doesn't take dissent well and would round up everyone who disagreed with it if it could. and it's been working on it. with full support of John McCain. the only republican speaking out against this power grab has been Arlen Spector, who if you listen to you will know is quite a constitutional scholar, and still he votes party line almost every time. big words, no guts. So now we have a DC federal appeals court (because bush wouldn't take no for an answer when it came to letting polluters pollute) has once against knocked Bush down. If you don't think pollution is a problem, just look at what China just went through to get the air breathable enough for the athletes. remember Los Angeles in the 60's and 70's before the effects of the Clean Air Act started to make a difference. I lived there then. we didn't have "storm warnings" and "blizzard warnings" to keep us home from school. we had "bad air" warnings and we missed school because it was unsafe to leave the house. Anyone else from here live down there then? This may seem like a trivial matter but what is more basic than being able to breath? drinking water and eating is all i can think of and those things are getting sickening in some places too.

"A federal appeals court on Tuesday threw out an Environmental Protection Agency rule limiting the ability of states to require monitoring of industrial emissions. The 2-to-1 ruling by the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit is the most recent in a series of judicial setbacks to the Bush administration's efforts to reshape federal policies under the Clean Air Act. Under 1990 amendments to the original Clean Air Act, states were allowed to issue permits limiting pollution emissions from industrial facilities, like refineries or utilities. To ensure compliance, Congress required states to set more stringent monitoring requirements if they deemed federal requirements inadequate."

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