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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Why Jim will Vote Obama/Biden. Me too!

I'm an American.  I'm an Independent.  I'm a Vietnam Veteran and military retiree.
Why I am voting for Obama/Biden
In the first place, the United States needs a change of direction with new leadership---leadership that stands with the troops not just as a TV backdrop for political op-eds all the while undermining their benefits and services when they return as casualties (and I regard every blessed one of them as a casualty) from an illegal, immoral war.  Not just the same tired rhetoric that has proven to be a disaster for the majority of the people in this country ever since 9/11.  The Bush direction of the War On Terror will join the War On Drugs and War On Poverty as failed endeavors designed to enrich a few and hold millions of others hostage to an administration that cares less about preserving and defending the Constitution than it does preserving, growing, and defending the wealth and power of its loyal followers.  An administration which for the past 8 years has held America hostage with a lapel pin and patriot or traitor labels, solely dependent upon your political party affiliation and support or detraction of the Iraq War.  We no longer can afford the Bush operative phrase, 'if you're not with us, you're against us,' that divided a nation.
The truth must out, justice must prevail, and real courage and patriotism must return to all Americans this November.  What we have at stake is nothing less than our freedom.
That is why I am voting for Barack Hussein Obama and Joseph Robinette Biden.  True, both of them have unusual middle names. One is 'new' and the other an experienced icon in American politics.  I believe the partnership will yield a common sense direction for and belief in America once again and this time the importance of having competent leadership to preserve and defend our Constitution will hopefully reverse the previous eight years of deception, corruption, and incompetence.
Join me this November and let's get the country back on track.
Jim Pankey, USN (Ret.)

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