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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The separation of oil and state.

Oil Change USA


Dear Shelley,

They're calling it the Energy Election.  For the first time, energy issues are polling at the top of Americans' concerns.  For all of you who believe in a Separation of Oil and State - now is the time to really turn up the heat.

That's why we've launched Oil Change USA, our new advocacy organization that will allow us to confront oily politicians without pulling any punches.

Let's take John McCain.  Prior to running for President, he had taken about $22,000 from Big Oil since 2000.  He opposed offshore drilling.  He helped author some weak but significant climate change legislation.

Now all of a sudden he's a champion of offshore drilling, and pretty much every other issue Big Oil cares about.  Could it have something to do with his recent receipt of $1 million from Big Oil? 

It's a mystery (sort of). And you can help us solve it.

We need your help to get the word out and to counter Big Oil's influence. We need to engage politicians directly when they are most vulnerable - during campaigns.

Send our Oil Mystery flash video to your friends, sign the Separation of Oil and State pledge, and then have some fun by printing up Oil Dollars - complete with your representative's picture.

These oil dollars are suitable for printing and, shall we say, creative distribution… ;-)

Please also consider making a donation to Oil Change USA today.  More than ever before, we need your support to spread the message of a Separation of Oil and State.

Yours for solar, wind, and tire gauges,

Steve Kretzmann
Oil Change

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