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Monday, September 29, 2008

My Vote For President Of The United States 2008

Date: September 9, 2008

by Jeff Cohen
Founder & CEO of USElections.com

It's that time again....

Yes, it's time for me to enlighten you as to my vote for the President of The United States.

By November 4th, over 1 million people will visit USElections.com & I am ready to divulge my choice.

As a registered independent voter and a very open-minded person, I sit back and watch the mindless politicking, back-stabbing and sheer madness unfold with a beer and bowl of popcorn before I finally reach my verdict.

It's no secret that I have found the past 8 years to be a complete, undisputed train-wreck. Here are just a handful of problems we face:

  • a $10+ trillion dollar national debt,
  • horrific deficits,
  • an abysmal, crashing domestic economic policy,
  • increasing job losses,
  • a growing housing & credit crisis,
  • a debt-ridden middle & lower classes,
  • an unbelievably corrupt banking system,
  • a non-existent energy policy,
  • an inept FDA and unsafe food supply,
  • 2 poorly run wars,
  • pathetic border security,
  • and a shoot first you're not allowed to ask questions later foreign policy.

Old friends & allies must be standing beside each other asking "what the bloody hell happened to the USA - the beacon of freedom?" We're also just a Texas two-step away from becoming a police state thanks to our wonderful Patriot Act.

Our current adminstration sold us out. Period. Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out. Please take your croneys and country-wreckers with you.

A side note: Does anyone else find it troubling that we will try to impeach a president for lying about getting some hot oral sex in the oval office and hurting no one, but not a president who starts a $600 billion dollar bullshit war in Iraq, based totally on bogus evidence, which has gotten over 4,000 of our troops killed and 30,000 more wounded?

I'm thrilled the "surge" is making progress. Our troops rock! The mega-bribing of all the local militias to fight with us is also speeding up the process. But we shouldn't have gone into Iraq in the first place. They didn't attack us on September 11. Al Qaeda did. And by the way, where's Bin Laden? How about sending more troops to Afganistan to finish the job. How about providing our troops with the armor they need as well while we're at it.


Now to our congress. They are so bought off by big corporations & their lobbyists who fund their election-time "war-chests" that they wouldn't know how to act on behalf of the average American citizen if it hit them square in the face. Enough with the sex scandals too. Keep it in your pants for heavens sake.

It is an utter disgrace and time for a change before this country goes bankrupt. Oh wait, we are. I believe the new terminology is "insolvent." How much more paper money can we possibly print up? How many more crooked bailouts does the American taxpayer have to pay for?

If I could vote for "none of the above" I would do so on principle alone. However, our country is controlled by two parties: the Democrats and Republicans. So, my choice comes down to the better of two options or lesser of two evils - whichever you prefer.

First, my thoughts on the dog and pony shows we call conventions.

Democrats: I felt inspired and hopeful. Yes, it's true. You folks have great speechwriters. Barack Obama's speech was captivating. I also saw a large, very diverse crowd of Americans cheering him on. Every age group, blue-collar, white-collar & every ethnicity represented. Most importantly, I caught a glimpse of a vision. Vague, of course, but at least a glimpse. And I like what I heard. But, is it "change we can believe in?" Your guess is as good as mine.

Republicans: How many elitists and geriatrics can you fit into one auditorium? I found the tone, gross inaccuracies, and let's scare the American people one more time stale and disturbing. I saw no vision at all in your speeches. At least not one I want to look forward to. Did I actually hear the words "change is coming?" What a complete farse. I started laughing. I'm not taking the bait this time. The only thing you've remembered to change the in the past 8 years is your underwear between debacles.

Another side note: The Republican slogan "Country First" doesn't do anything for me. We all know we are Americans. What kind of image is it supposed to elicit? I'm drawing a blank. A subtle war cry, maybe? Hey Democrats, how about countering that with "Families First." That should piss off the far right who think they own family values but are stunningly supportive of Palin's unwed pregnant teenage daughter. How two-faced.

Enough digressing and marketing advice.

The candidates.

John McCain. I used to like this 'maverick' when indeed he was a maverick. I'd have considered voting for him 8 years ago. Maybe even 4 years ago. His straight talk express over the years has been refreshing. Of all the Republican candidates, I am thankful it's him. The 'religious right' has screwed us enough. Anyone remember the term "separation of church and state?" Our founding fathers must be rolling over in their graves by now. My 3 big issues with McCain are his self-expressed lack of understanding of our economy, his drill, drill, drill energy policy (sheer, unadulterated lunacy & stupidity), and if he is elected president I believe he will bring about World War III. Lest you not forget his Bomb-Bomb-Bomb-Iran jingle? Or the increasing tension with Russia lately. Is his age a problem? Yes, it's a concern but not a deal breaker. I think his dinosaur ideology is the problem I have with him. Our country needs to move forward in an entirely new & different direction. A prosperous future begins with an innovative energy policy as we are all finally waking up to - and he DOES NOT HAVE ONE. Period. Don't bother arguing with me on this. He is simply a continuation of the past 8 years with maybe some minor tweaks. The rich will get even richer and the lower & middle classes will continue to be shredded to a pulp. Nothing will change. You'll just be even poorer than you are now. Is Sarah Palin a high-risk gamble for VP, orchestrated to rally their conservative base with a fresh face? Yes. Is she qualified for the job? No. Not even remotely. Her 15 minutes of fame are about up. Having Palin one heartbeat away from the "big chair" is frightening. I cannot vote for this ticket. No way.

I do not think John McCain is the man who has a fresh, creative, optimistic approach to move our great country forward at a time when we desparately need one.

Oh, and if John McCain does win, and 2 Supreme Court Justices need to be replaced (which is very likely), a woman's right to choose will become an illegal, arrestible crime. No exceptions. If God-forbid you were raped, too bad for you as well. Roe vs. Wade will be overturned. Abortions will be reduced to dark, secret back-alley procedures. For the wealthy though, they'll get on a plane, go on "vacation" outside the USA for a few days, and miraculously come back no longer pregnant.

Barack Obama. Like many, I've been drawn to him since his locomotive began gaining steam. Yes, I know, it was supposed to be Hillary's nomination. I expected it to be Hillary too. But she lost me with her fabricated sniper fire story. I didn't trust anything that came out of her mouth after that. Sorry Hil. So, I continued watching Obama from afar with increasing intrigue. Speech after speech. Debate after debate. Amazing crowds and a growing sense that this guy could actually pull it off and win come November. My conclusion? I feel his message of hope, change and compassion for others is genuine - and at a time of great need in this country. He articulates himself well and has, to date, stood above the fray despite the endless loads of crap thrown in his direction. He has survived, and even thrived, thru controversial remarks by both him and those in his life. His campaign has remained unbelievably consistent and on message. He appears to be a stand-up guy who, if elected, would garner both trust and sound decision making here AND overseas. What do I base this on? Is it his experience? No. Experience is apparantly overrated. Just look at the past 8 years. All the experience in the world didn't help the current moronic administration one bit. It's based on character and integrity. It's about the people who will be around him. I believe Barak Obama will surround himself with the best qualified people who will assist him with the goal of shaping an inspiring path forward. We need jobs, healthcare, infrastructure, education and a better economy. Like NOW. The $600 billion dollars wasted in Iraq could have funded much of this and made our lives, and our childrens lives, better. Once on this path forward again, we can then begin to repair the incredible damage to our reputation and leadership we have destroyed abroad. Obama's trip overseas showed that beacon of hope to our friends and allies waiting for the USA to show even the faintest of heartbeats. It's also why 22 nations are praying we get this election right and vote Obama. Joe Biden as VP? Excellent first decision. Bravo.

My Vote for President of The United States:

Barack Obama

My Vote For President Of The United States 2008

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