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Monday, May 30, 2011


We, all of the people of the world MUST WAKE UP to the realities. make propaganda useless to them.

by Shelley MoMelly on Monday, May 30, 2011 at 9:23am
I have no faith in the oligarchs who manipulate and propagandize us. they make us believe that serving THEIR interests of securing resources and cheap labor around the world is somehow securing our freedoms. it's not. those rich bastards at the top tell us when to fight and what to fight for. they lie. nobody should have any faith in them because they only work to enrich themselves with the blood and sweat of soldiers and other-wise good people of conscience who just keep quiet and let them loot us.
i saw a video yesterday of people getting arrested at a dc memorial for DANCING, SINGING and otherwise frolicking. the men who did these arrests need to be guided. those they arrested are the one's paying their bills, not the government who cut the check to them. they need to figure out what freedom is and start working toward it because in that video they did everything they could to quash freedom.
the military takes an oath to protect us from foreign and domestic threats. when these corporations start wars in far off places, they are not securing our safety. they are making our safety impossible. every nie (national intelligence estimate) since 2000 has spelled out exactly how we are creating more radical people around the world by killing them and occupying their lands and stealing their resources.. but they have you believe that it's all about freedom and patriotism here. IT'S NOT.
if there were some way that they could magically get every ounce of worth out of this planet at one time, they'd bring the soldiers home to shut us up here. to control us. go to my wall today and read the article i re-posted from an author who GET'S IT.
so our duty, our only job, is to get american's working for and with americans again and NOT be the fodder for these unscrupulous corporations. THEY DON'T CARE ABOUT YOU AND YOU WOULD HAVE NO BENEFITS WHATSOEVER IF THEY COULD GET AWAY WITH TAKING THEM FROM YOU.

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