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Monday, May 30, 2011

We Need To Fear Ourselves For Becoming Willing Sheep

Marti Oakley
No true terrorist gives a rat’s behind what laws we pass (especially the "patriot act"); if they did, they wouldn’t be terrorists. Nothing in the Patriot Acts will stop terrorism especially when it emanates from within.

These Acts will however:

Stop YOU from traveling unmolested by government agents.

Will also violate your right to privacy and to be,

Secure from illegal search and seizure

Makes legal (not lawful) warrantless searches

Allows unwarranted data mining of any and all information on you, including:

Any comments, beliefs, political opinions, social positions, religious beliefs, political party affiliation, and any other belief system or political view not approved by government.

These Acts are the foundation of the police state being systematically assembled and implemented by Homeland Security

The hunting of the American people

They aren’t looking for terrorists…..they are looking for you.

There is far more to this police state Act than we can go into here. We all know this Act for what it is: The end of our Constitutional Republic and the rise of the police state. And 79 of our Senators took it upon themselves to vote away our liberty and to allow this monster to grow.

Too many of us dutifully comply with the sexual assaults perpetrated by TSA agents across the country. As passengers mewl and whine about how they “are just trying to keep us safe” I have to wonder just how egregious the invasion of our property and most especially the invasion of our persons has to become before we admit that what TSA is doing has nothing to do with your safety. It has everything to do with conditioning and training you to submit and comply, and god knows there are plenty of perverts more than willing to spend their days fondling the genitals of compliant passengers or watching the naked body scanner images. The sexual assaults perpetrated on the public have produced not ONE terrorist unless of course you count the TSA agents. (hay, what can we do man? we're just doin our JOBS!)

TSA is now planned for public buildings, malls, train stations and stadiums. And bunches of you sheeple will whine about how they are just trying to keep you safe! And to add insult to injury, the 2002 homeland Security Act has been amended to include a snitching-for-dollars program which we like to call “The Stool Pigeon Protection Act”.

Fusion Centers are proliferating across the country. These centers do nothing but data mine, snoop, and collect any and all data they can, indiscriminately and without regard to your liberty or civil protections. These are manned by your friends, neighbors and family members who lack morality and any sense of patriotism; people who quickly forgot who they are and where they come from.

Obama and several state senators and governors are contemplating a “per mile” surveillance tax system to be paid for by taxpayers. This new system would require surveillance equipment to be installed on your vehicle, not so much to generate revenue, but more to track your movements so that information could be added to your CIA/FBI/NSA dossier. Once identified in this new system, your ability to purchase gas could be shut off instantly simply by deactivating your vehicle ID number. It could shut off access for one vehicle . . . or all vehicles.

Our police and sheriff departments have been militarized under Homeland Security. (THEY ARE WILLINGLY FIGHTING AGAINST AMERICANS FOR A CORRUPTED AUTHORITARIAN GOVERNMENT) Our police and sheriff department vehicles no longer have the words “To protect and Serve” emblazoned on the sides. This, thanks to a SCOTUS ruling that said law enforcement was under no obligation to protect us unless they arrest us, and then only in a limited fashion . . . and besides . . . they are essentially military units now.

They are hunting you and me…..do you get it yet?

SCOTUS has become a threat to the country at large, ruling time and again against the Constitution and your liberty and protected rights, and in favor of corporate interests many of whom now openly run various agencies of government. When Citizens v United came down, this court should have been immediately disbanded. This decision vested incorporeal, fictional entities with human rights.

We have major cities across the country now purchasing military equipment for use against their communities. A 911 call will elicit a SWAT team response, replete with star wars gear and uniforms, worn by badge heavy, testosterone pulsing storm troopers who don’t care if you have committed a crime or not. (remember yesterday's video of that cop at the memorial in DC taking down those scary dancers?)  They have guns and other weapons and carte blanche to break any and all laws (that apply to civilians) in defense of “government”. These law enforcement officers, once the hero’s of children and many adults are now a menace to their communities and present a greater threat than your run of the mill criminal.  (we will have to stop them someday.  hopefully they can be reasoned with.)

...Homeland Security has ordered 500 roving vans complete with x-ray scanners to be used across the country. You can be scanned walking down the street, in public places or even in your own yard. Why? You might be a terrorist. With our economy in shambles, and the national debt posing a real threat, the best they could come up with is to spend another estimated ½ billion dollars on vans to cruise our streets and surreptitiously x-ray to see if we have weapons on us? Really?

There is far more to this than the few items listed here. A repeal of the Patriot Act 1 and the misnamed “Security Enhancement Act of 2003”…an expansion of the first Act, would go along way in restoring the integrity of government and our freedom. But today, 79 Senators decided you were not worth it. 79 Senators committed an act of treason against the people they are supposed to represent and sold off their freedom, liberty and rights.

79 Senators…that’s all it took to lay waste to the Constitution. Not to worry! Several of them will be on various cable news shows talking about “keeping America safe”, “national security”, “the war of terror”, and trying to convince us that the only way we can be safe is if we forfeit our rights, freedom and our Constitution.

79 Senators…and not one of them will admit that the terrorists you need to fear, the people you need to be protected from…..is them.


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