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Monday, September 8, 2008

King George

You've no doubt seen the email where the blame for high gasoline prices and every other thing wrong with the economy is being blamed on the Congress since November 2006...
However, the answer is that the Congress has been hornswaggled and hogtied due to the use of the 'unitary tool' used by President Bush to negate 142 laws (actually 1,200 something of them) as he used his 'signing statements.'  He in effect is King George, interpreting the law as he sees fit, and not allowing Congress to do what the Constitution says only it can do: make laws.  So Congress passes the laws, they arrive on the President's desk for signature and...ouala, the magic is done.  Signing statements do not allow the law to become law, but the president can more or less pick and choose (line item veto which is unconstitutional)...
This diabolical administration has done more damage to the U.S. and now threatens the world with its stance on Georgia.  Where will it stop?

Jim Pankey

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