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Sunday, September 7, 2008

This is sooooo Repugnitian... haha!

Fri Sep 05, 2008 at 02:30:39 PM PDT

This was sent in by a reader: apparently, the Republicans couldn't find very many African American supporters to show on the Big Screen Of Triumph, when introducing McCain (see 6:45, 7:02)... so they simply put up stock photos of black people. You know, riding bicycles and appreciating their moms and stuff. Both these images appeared in McCain's introduction, but you can also buy them for a buck or two from iStockphoto.com:

They're fickle people. For a few bucks, they'll support your candidate too. Or your company newsletter.

I actually think this is great news for McCain. If he can win the "people from stock photos found on the internet" demographic, it could boost his candidacy significantly -- especially in swing states. I hear Ohio, for example, is almost entirely populated by stock photos.

As an aside, this is after CBS News pointed out that the solemn pictures of a military funeral that accompanied their "salute to the pledge" on Tuesday was, in fact, also stock footage, portrayed by actors. I actually don't fault them for that, since it'd be one of the few times they tried to pull on American patriotism without using footage of an actual death to do it. And of course, there was McCain inexplicably standing in front of a stock picture of Walter Reed Middle School during a significant portion of his speech. Maybe they wanted to use a picture of Walter Reed Medical Center, but then they found out it had columns.

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