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Sunday, September 7, 2008

What She Said...

At 62 I have known a lot of Republicans ... remembering them fondly, I now call them the real Republicans ... many of them a lot like Chuck Hagel of today, and his family!

The Elephant Party back a few years, the 50's, 60's ..... the 'after the war to end all wars' folks ... the World War II folks ... is not the party of today. I had Republican in-laws I adored, from my first marriage in 1964 ... very Christian like folks, who walked their talk, everyday!!! My husband came from a very large family ... Oklahoma migrants ... 'tuft' as nails, but with an attitude that if we have it, and you come along, we will share it.

My favorite boss of all time, and her husband, and the whole dang family ... all Republicans that I adored as people ... even a whole large office full of Republicans, with whom I shared 50,60 hours a week or more as a real estate agent. I could understand their points of view, even though on some issues, I had quite a different view point, and that was OK,

By honestly sharing our real feelings, and what we truly thought about 'current affairs' ... we always maintained basic respect ... and always came to agreement on the basic issues of living and life, with very few exceptions ... maybe we argued, that it should be by different paths, yes ... but .... but all of us, looking to the mutually shared goal of ... trying to be the best person you can be, with what you got dealt ... working with Whatever created you, and Whomever answers your prayers, when you pray.

My longtime workmate ... a retired motorcycle cop ... another true blue Republican, and the nicest guy you would ever want to meet. Oh, and of course Pastor Wells, and his large family. Christians who would have been very comfortable sharing a loaf of bread, a glass of wine, and a piece of fish with Christ Jesus Himself, and I sense now looking back that Jesus would have enjoyed their company and certainly lingered.

Another ... my Godfather, his whole family ... my God Mother, and her husband, and all their family!!! Crawfish pie and a Fillie Gumbo, and surely in line for the most Patriotic Americans Award ... but very genuine, loving, and honest to the bone ... and then there was my best friend for years, before he passed .. a school janitor ... a real jewel of a guy ... hardest working man I had ever met ... worked as a janitor with him for a while when young, in a large 2 story movie house ... them sticky floors I will never forget ... layers of wax and gum almost an inch thick!!! LOL..

What I see now, in these 'new-type' 'so-called' Republicans, is actually a 'third' party that is now declaring themselves as leaders ... in the race for supremacy ... power over the 'masses' ... that is the rest of us. What used to be a secret agenda is now being revealed. These are not the Republican's I know, or knew ... lot of them passed on, now, and the world has been less for it.

Wonder what these new Republicans are going to call themselves, nowadays, when they run things?

Mavericks/Pitbulls with lipstick? ... armed to the teeth??? Profit at all, and anybody's cost ... the 'WildWest' rides again ... 'pack on your six-shooter' 'grab the rifle' ... 'don't need no phucking horse' ... 'got me a black and chrome hummer!'

'Us against them' ... 'our way or the highway'

'Dead or alive' .... warned Bush/Cheney/and the gang ... and with Mc Cain/Palin, we all know they haven't left the building.

Want real ... want really, real, real change???

Do you believe in equal accountability for equal actions??? Do you believe in equal justice for ALL?
... do you sincerely support our Constitution, and the Bill of Rights???

Learn all you can ... read up on the facts ... the issues that affect us ALL ... like these hurricanes that keep coming in. ... listen to videos, check out the transcripts yourself, make up your own minds .... beginning to end ... support my favorite congressman ..... 'keeping them honest' Kucinich, and Vote this time ... Obama/Biden 2008.