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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Bush administration agrees with big business. Surprise!

Before the end of his term he wants to lift regulations stating how much of any particular toxin should be allowed to be ingested or imposed upon workers.  He wants to soften the rules so that workers will be susceptable to higher concentrations of toxins.  Surprise!  Now that the value of a human life is a million dollars less than it was when he came into office, I guess it works out ok.  He should just make it official and say that a human life is worth nothing, then he and his corporate donors can just kill us all and not have to pay a cent for it.

Political appointees at the Department of Labor are moving with unusual speed to push through in the final months of the Bush administration a rule making it tougher to regulate workers' on-the-job exposure to chemicals and toxins. The agency did not disclose the proposal, as required, in public notices of regulatory plans that it filed in December and May. Instead, Labor Secretary Elaine L. Chao's intention to push for the rule first surfaced on July 7, when the White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB) posted on its Web site that it was reviewing the proposal, identified only by its nine-word title. The text of the proposed rule has not been made public, but according to sources briefed on the change and to an early draft obtained by The Washington Post, it would call for reexamining the methods used to measure risks posed by workplace exposure to toxins. The change would address long-standing complaints from businesses that the government overestimates the risk posed by job exposure to chemicals.

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