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Monday, July 21, 2008

Republicans blocking the Oil andi-speculation bill.

The republicans are blocking a vote on this anti-speculation bill.  Can you call your senators and tell them to get off the pot and allow this bill to be voted on?  all the experts said this regulation will decrease the price of a barrel of oil by half over night. (it's already gone down $15 in one week just on news that this bill was coming to the floor today.)  republicans are holding it up because they want their "drill drill drill" bill passed even though 80% of the known oil fields we have are already leased and 90 million acres on land are just sitting waiting for oil to go higher.  120 million acres are already leased on the continental shelf, not being drilled.  they just want their greedy campaign contributors to be able to own every acre of land that might have oil on it.  they're even talking Yosemite and the grand canyon!  the earliest date that any drilling at all will produce even a drop of oil is estimated to be 7 years.  is that going to help you now?  is it going to stop speculators?  The republicans want their bill so that when this speculation bill passes and the price of oil drops by half over night, they can say, see!  it's because of our drilling bill!  but did you know that all of the oil we own on american land comes to about 3% of the total in the world?  Did you know that we use 25% of the worlds energy resources?  WE CANNOT DRILL OUR WAY OUT OF THIS PROBLEM.  but we can reduce the price of oil while where putting alternative energy on the menu.  honda already has a car that runs on hydrogen alone.  only emissions are water emissions.  we can do this now but we have to stop these ass holes from blocking every bill that will move us out of the oil addiction we find ourselves in.
here is the toll free number to contact your senator.  if you don't know who your senator is, go to my blog and click the link at the top of the page to find yours.

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