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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Miss the Sun Herald discussion Board? It moved to Delphi.

Sun Herald #1.1

I've created an online community called "Sun Herald".
Please join the discussion!

With the message board, you can view discussion folders quickly in the left-hand column and read up to 20 messages at a time. You can even attach files (such as pictures and programs) directly to messages -- just like e-mail. It's fast, easy, and efficient.

As the Forum "Host," I control the specific features of the Forum.
The best way into my Forum is at the following URL:

There are thousands of other Forums like mine. You can use the personalized "My Forums" feature at http://forums.delphiforums.com/Sun_Herald/myforums to keep track of new messages in this Forum and any others you may enjoy.

In order to provide personalized services and access control, you'll need to go through a quick registration if you've never participated in a Delphi Forums online community before. It only takes a minute and it's free!

I'm eager to hear comments and suggestions. Let's get the conversation started!

Best regards,


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