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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Torture doesn't work and...it is inadmissable as evidence.

As Americans, it should turn our stomachs to know that methods used during the Spanish Inquisition are being used against the human flesh of men in our custody today.  But there is another argument against torture other than the moral one, the legal one.  The evidence derived from this detainee under duress looks like it is not going to be allowed as evidence against him.  That means that this man got tortured to insanity for nothing.  Torture doesn't work and it makes prisoners lie and say anything to stop it.  It doesn't stop terrorists attacks.  It doesn't make us stronger.  It weakens us and turns us into blood thirsty beasts, like those we say we are fighting against. 
Evidence against terrorism suspect barred at Guantanamo trial - Los Angeles Times

The military judge overseeing the first war crimes trial against a terrorism suspect at Guantanamo Bay agreed Monday to bar some evidence against Osama bin Laden's former driver because it was obtained in "highly coercive environments and conditions." On the trial's opening day, Navy Capt. Keith J. Allred denied defense appeals to exclude other statements Salim Ahmed Hamdan made during interrogation by U.S. agents in Afghanistan as well as during his more than six years' imprisonment at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. The judge said he would withhold judgment on a May 2003 interrogation until the defense had time to review 600 pages of detention records, which the government did not turn over until Sunday -- the night before trial. The exclusion of evidence Allred considered coerced could set a standard for admissibility in other war crimes cases due before the tribunal in the coming months, including that of the self-proclaimed Sept. 11 mastermind.

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