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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Citizens arrest. MS law

if Karl Rove or any of the Bush crime team show up in Mississippi, there is recourse for citizens to apply a citizens arrest against any of the criminals, as long as you have the statue numbers for the crimes committed. For Karl Rove could likely be detained on suspicion of obstruction of justice, having violated Title 1, Section 18, Chapter 73, S. 1505: i don't know what the title is for murder and lying a country into war but if you find those, let me know and i'll put them in my file in case these criminals ever show up down here i'll show up with another witness and make a citizens arrest. ;)
Mississippi law:
(1) An officer or private person may arrest any person without warrant, for an indictable offense committed, or a breach of the peace threatened or attempted in his presence; or when a person has committed a felony, though not in his presence; or when a felony has been committed, and he has reasonable ground to suspect and believe the person proposed to be arrested to have committed it; or on a charge, made upon reasonable cause, of the commission of a felony by the party proposed to be arrested. And in all cases of arrests without warrant, the person making such arrest must inform the accused of the object and cause of the arrest, except when he is in the actual commission of the offense, or is arrested on pursuit.

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