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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Why we hate them.

We must rid ourselves of corrupted legislators.  All of them.  Democrat and Republican.  Keep an eye on your representatives and let them know when they cross the line.  Stop putting up with these criminals.  It's our government if we work for it.
In Congress, no anti-corruption legislation in sight - Los Angeles Times

Congress has been awash in corruption scandals, the latest being the indictment of long-serving Republican Sen. Ted Stevens of Alaska, but prospects for legislation to make questionable practices like Stevens' alleged acceptance of gifts illegal in their own right appear grim. A year after a bipartisan group of senators proposed giving the Justice Department important new clout in pursuing official misconduct, the Public Corruption Prosecution Improvements Act is apparently blocked in Congress. The legislation is aimed at stanching the stream of perks that lobbyists and companies give to members of Congress that fall short of outright bribes by making it a felony for lawmakers to accept gifts valued above those permitted by Senate rules and that are given to them because of their official status and access to power. It would appear to cover the sort of gifts that Stevens stands accused of getting from a powerful oil industry figure in Alaska -- more than $250,000 in improvements to his home near Anchorage and gifts including a Viking gas grill and a Land Rover, according to an indictment handed down Tuesday by a federal grand jury in Washington. Stevens is scheduled to make his first appearance in the case today in federal court in Washington.

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