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Thursday, July 31, 2008

The one who stood up for our rights ended up in prison.

Joe Nacchio is the principled telecom owner who refused to help George Bush spy on Americans.  For his patriotism and loyalty to the constitution and it's Bill of Rights, the Republican "Justice Department", went after him for a made up crime.  Just like they did Don Siegelman.  Both men were falsely convicted and put in prison.  Don Siegelman has been released because the case against him was made up and the prosecution hid evidence that exonerated him.  The same is becoming apparent in the Nacchio case.  I'll be looking forward to seeing what happens in this case.

Retirees cheer Nacchio decision - The Denver Post

Qwest retirees rejoiced over Wednesday's decision that a full panel of appellate judges will reconsider former Qwest chief executive Joe Nacchio's insider-trading conviction. "We were very pessimistic that this was going to happen, so we're delighted," said Mimi Hull, president of the Association of U S West Retirees. "We were very upset when the appeals court ordered a new trial and felt that they (the judges who ruled) really did not represent the views of the full appeals court." Nacchio served as Qwest's CEO from 1997 until he was ousted in June 2002. Under his watch, Qwest acquired U S West in June 2000, and the combined company nearly crumbled into bankruptcy two years later.

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