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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Think Progress » Study: Thomas is the most ‘partisan’ Supreme Court justice, Scalia is the most ‘activist.’

You always hear on corporate media that "activist liberal judges" are destroying this country.  I've heard people repeat this myth because if you hear it on teevee it must be true.  Right?  Wrong.  The media is conservative media.  The only exception on cable news is Keith Olbermann.  If media were really liberal, it would all look like Olbermann.  Instead we get a bunch of apologists for a criminal administration and liars when we turn on the teevee to get informed on the important issues of the day.  If the only source we had to depend on to give us information was cable news, we'd be the stupidest and most misled people in the world where a "free" media is a requirement.  Today, free media means, "free to lie to you to get my and my political sweethearts agendas fulfilled."  And the courts have agreed in the case of Fox, that they have no duty to tell us the truth.  They own the media, they can say what they want.  Honesty and integrity are last on their list of priorities.
Conservatives commonly complain about “activist judges” pushing the court to the left when they disagree with the outcome of a court decision. But in a new study that examines “well over 20,000” judicial decisions, University of Chicago law professor Cass Sunstein concludes that the most activist judge on the Supreme Court is a conservative, Justice Antonin Scalia. The second most activist Justice was also a conservative, Justice Clarence Thomas, who was also found to be the most partisan Justice on the bench. Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Samuel Alito were not included in the study because they have only been on the court for a short time.
Think Progress » Study: Thomas is the most ‘partisan’ Supreme Court justice, Scalia is the most ‘activist.’

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